Please allow me to promote my other blog. :>

Prehistoric man in the modern world. -

Here’s the reason why I created a new blog. Well, The inspiration came up a while ago after I actually finish reading everything on my new friend’s blog. Yes, I read everything in his blog. You must see it yourself. Well, I guess, everyone knows him already. Thank you Mark Louie (itsmarklouie) for inspiring me. :”>

I found his blog properly arranged. I got inspired and I planned on cleaning my blog to, deleting unnecessary posts and putting other posts in private. But It’s already impossible for me to do it. I’ve been using this blog for almost three years already and I have created a lot of posts. 1610 to be exact.

As I was deleting a while ago, I got tired and when I look at how far have I went, I only reached page 46 which is obviously not that far enough.  And as I was reading my older posts, I found out that out of 1610 posts, maybe 1600 of them are senseless posts and only 10 are worth reading. Jokeee. 

So instead of cleaning my old blog, I just created a new one which will contain all my long posts and random thoughts. I’ll try to make it more of a blog worth following. :)

I guess, that’s it. Thank you for reading this and please follow my other blog.

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